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  • What D'Arcy Can Do For You

    How D'Arcy Handles Every Household Move

    Across Town, Across the Country or Around the World

    Whether you are moving around the corner or around the world, D'Arcy knows how to make everything turn out just right. Big or small, near or far ­ we handle every move as though it was our own.

    D'Arcy Moving & Storage has extensive experience in preparing for and dealing with relocations between Canada and the United States. All cross-border moves are handled in accordance with the standards established by the Interdepartmental Committee (IDC), Federal Government Terms and Conditions for Moving Household Goods.

    For international moves, D'Arcy packing and storage methods are guaranteed to meet or exceed those required on any shipment.

    Insurance: The Practical Necessity

    Although D'Arcy customers seldom need to worry about this, insurance in the moving business is a practical necessity ­ no matter how careful your mover is. For most moves, full claims settlement service is provided at no additional cost. (For all long-term storage, we also provide Replacement Cost Protection for our customers. This protection is also available for all moves.)

    D'Arcy Moving & Storage has decades of experience in settling claims fairly and promptly. Damaged goods are unsettling for everyone, so we've made the procedure for filing claims simple and straightforward.

    Let D'Arcy Manage Your Move

    From start to finish, D'Arcy Moving & Storage does everything necessary to move our customers without worry or stress.


    Zero Defects = 100% Satisfaction
    D'Arcy's goal is to provide the best protection for every article according to each client's specifications and provisions. While in transit or in storage, we care for your articles as if they were our own. Our goal is 100 per cent customer satisfaction by providing an environment that protects your items against defects.

    We're Organized
    At D'Arcy Moving & Storage, packing is an organized affair. To safe-guard your home, D'Arcy uses rug runners during all moves to protect carpets and floors from damage. The D'Arcy crew works in a methodical room-by-room fashion. This helps to ensure unpacking is as easy as possible.

    What's in This Box?
    This is not a question you need to ask when you move with D'Arcy. All cartons and containers are labeled with the general contents, inventory number, shipper's name, room and contract number to make identifying what's what fast and simple. This makes unpacking less of a chore and you're assured that all the items that are intended for a specific room or area end up there.

    Labels also identify the Air, Sea and/or Storage portions of any move.

    How We Protect Your Possessions
    Depending on the type of move each customer needs and where they are going, items are packed in cartons, boxes and even steel sea containers. In every case, D'Arcy works with our customers to establish a customized moving plan suited for every individual need. Naturally, all items are wrapped and packed with the care only D'Arcy can provide. D'Arcy movers also pack and load items properly to prevent shifting during transit, reducing the risk of damage.

    • If we are packing into cartons ­ Items placed in cartons are wrapped and the cartons are completely taped to ensure there are no openings.
    • If we are packing into shipping containers ­ Packed boxes, which are to be loaded into shipping containers, are sorted by weight. This makes handling easier when loading the items into containers.
    • If we are storing your items ­ Articles designated for long-term storage are packed in the same manner to assure no damage or loss.

    We use only top-of-the line packing materials for all our moves, including: double/triple wall corrugated cartons, cellulose cushioning material, bubble pack wrap, corrugated fiberboard, 5-ply international paper pads, and standard IATA containers.


    Moving from House to House
    Preparation is the key to our success. Every move ­ whether your belongings are being shipped on land, by sea or by air ­ is specifically arranged by D'Arcy's experienced staff.

    Land, Sea or Air
    If you are moving overseas, some items may be left in storage, some will be shipped by air and some will arrive by sea. D'Arcy's experienced movers help you to decide which items you will need immediately. Convenient, non- marking "identi-tags" provided by D'Arcy help you identify what items are going where.

    When we ship by air, we place all items in tri-wall containers suitable for the size of the articles being transported. These containers are water-proof, lined and banded vertically and horizontally for security. Every container includes the appropriate documentation detailing the items in the container, the weight, the volume, the origin and destination, the consignee, a forwarder reference and a contract number.

    Shipping Automobiles
    Whether they are shipped by land, air or by sea, D'Arcy will prepare a vehicle condition report when your car or van is received. This report provides accurate and detailed information about the customer and the condition of the vehicle ­ inside and out. This report is verified by the customer and signed.

    Automobiles transported by sea are driven into a container for blocking during transit. The frame is secured with nylon straps to prevent shifting. D'Arcy takes great care to prevent any damage or scratches to the vehicle while securing it for transportation.


    Caring for Your Prized Possessions
    When our customers ask us to store their possessions, we consider them to be prized, sometimes personal, items. We cannot do enough to ensure we return them in exactly the same condition in which we received them.

    At D'Arcy Moving & Storage, we use a triple cross-referencing system to accurately log all items in our care. Every customer has a customer file number, a lot number and a pallet number.

    As shipments move out of our storage facility, our cross-reference log is updated with the 'shipped out' date and the work order number. Storage records and logs are locked away each evening in a fireproof filing cabinet.

    The Warehouse is Ship Shape
    D'Arcy movers are methodical movers and our warehouse personnel are just as picky when it comes to storing items. Our warehouses, which are swept daily, are clean and orderly.

    We don't leave shipments in the aisles. We certainly don't leave them on the docks. When they are received, shipments are put away immediately.

    We keep commercial and household storage items separate and all storage items are protected with warehouse pads. All our crating supplies and packing operations are completed in a separate area of the main warehouse.

    All local and federal government regulations are followed in stack heights, aisle space, wall clearances, fire extinguishers, sprinkler and heating clearances and fire doors. On-going care is maintained for pest control to eliminate damage or risk from moths, vermin, rodents, etc.

    You Can't be Just Anyone
    Although customers are welcome to retrieve portions or all of their storage items (we only need a little bit of notice), you can't be just anyone to get into our facility. We have strong, non-negotiable contracts with all our customers to ensure their possessions are protected. We will only release items to the shipper or consignee as indicated on the Bill of Lading and Warehouse Receipts.

    When portions of stored items are requested for delivery, an access report is completed indicating what items were requested and when they were released. The customer must sign this report.

    Our storage log is then updated and the work order number entered into our cross-referenced logging system.

    Long-Term Storage
    No matter how long we store your articles, they will be properly protected and cared for. D'Arcy Moving & Storage only uses clean wooden containers in excellent condition for storage and our warehouse is secure, temperature and humidity controlled. Our facilities are government-approved.

    Automobile Storage
    At D'Arcy, we hold all vehicles in a local, special facility specifically designed to store them. No other cargo is handled or stored at this facility. A temperature of 60 degrees F is maintained year-round -- no matter what the weather is like outside. The storage facility is protected by a high security alarm system, motion detectors and photo electric eyes. The facility's security system is monitored by a central station.

    When a vehicle is received, D'Arcy completes an Inspection Report and documents mileage. All vehicles intended for storage are serviced before and during storage to ensure complete safety.

    How D'Arcy Handles Office Relocations

    D'Arcy Moving & Storage has trained and experienced personnel when it comes to relocating offices. We understand how important your time is, so we work hard to ensure your office move means minimal down-time.

    We will pack your office up, move you and complete all the unpacking in your new location, using sturdy corrugated boxes and plastic bins.

    Your assets can be protected with Replacement Value Protection for all relocations. To ensure the most efficient move possible, D'Arcy uses modern air-ride equipment, specifically designed to relocate office equipment and furniture quickly in an orderly fashion.

    For office relocations, we use:

  • Pack Trucks
  • Straight Trucks
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Tail Gates
  • Floor Coverings
  • Plywood
  • Masonite
  • Plastic Bins
  • Office Move Labels
  • Screen Carts
  • Safe Dollies
  • 4-Wheel Dollies
  • Computer Carts
  • Executive Dollies
  • Pry Bars
  • Johnson Bars
  • Bumpers
  • Pylons
  • How D'Arcy Handles Modular Systems Furniture Installations

    D'Arcy Moving & Storage is trained and experienced at installing most styles of modular systems office furniture. We have installed even the most complex of specialty systems for our customers.

    Because of our experience, we often identify potential problems with floor plans and work with our customers to change or re-configure them before they become a real headache.

    We are so convinced about the quality
    of our services, we guarantee trained personnel, on-site trouble shooting and minimized down-time on every installation we handle.

    D'Arcy Moving & Storage installers are specifically trained and experienced in installing:

  • Kimball
  • Smed
  • Haworth
  • Teknion
  • Trendway
  • Office Specialty
  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • Precision
  • Trendwall

  • Computerized Bar Code Inventory Management

    D'Arcy Moving & Storage has developed a state-of-the-art Inventory Management system that allows us to document customers' inventory through sophisticated bar code technology. In addition to the commercial storage of office furniture, equipment and company products, D'Arcy's Inventory Management system gives customers safe storage, and easy retrieval, of records and files.

    Bar Code Technology

    This system allows our customers to keep essential data related to their fixed assets on record. Makes, models, serial numbers, manufacturers, date received and delivered out of storage, etc. can be loaded onto our system and easily transferred to written reports and/or audits as required.

    D'Arcy can provide customers with a detailed listing complete with product description, when and where it was stored, the amount of space it occupies, and even a detailed description of the contents.

    Accurate Tracking & Retrieval

    Retrieval is quick, accurate and hassle-free. Our bar coding system means our customers can ignore paper forms. Our system lets customers track any movement of their assets.

    D'Arcy can even visit customers at their place of business and document their inventory on-site. From furniture to files, D'Arcy can complete the scanning at any location and store information as part of an asset management service.

    Bar code tracking technology is another way D'Arcy Moving & Storage is responding to customer needs -- giving our client an efficient system for inventory control and tracking.

    And unique to D'Arcy Logistics, clients can have their inventory posted on our secure web site. With an assigned username and password, you have instant access to your live data.

    Commercial Transportation

    All vehicles are serviced regularly to keep them in top-notch condition. Our local fleet includes:
    • 10 five-ton straight trucks
    • 3 cube vans
    • 3 cargo vans
    • 4 tractor power units
    • 5 48' semi-trailers
    • 1 4x4 pick-up truck
    • 5 service vehicles
    • 3 passenger mini vans

    To request more information on D'Arcy Logistics, click here.

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